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Rebecca, 22 and Scottish. Engaged and work as a barmaid. Love tattoos, music and wine (trying to cut down!). Conor, family, friends, work are my world. And sleep when I can! 

Update time

Heya followers, as per, working lots and actually had abit of a social life this week.
Still feelin kinda down but tbh, I’ve felt abit better this week and trying to be more positive than negative.
Had my cousins Jen do yesterday, it was lovely but sadly I had to leave early to go to work since its the Lomond folk festival. Surprisingly work flew in!! All sore today though lol.
Work in the shop the next two morning n then works night out n booked the Wednesday off. Might be having a catch up with a friend during my time off which will be nice!
Hope everyone is well! Xx

— 2 years ago
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